Hormone Balance and Restoration

  • Hormone receptors are all over your body
  • Age-related hormone decline causes symptoms
  • Balanced hormones promote overall health
  • We target all hormones relevant to aging
  • See results at any age
At Optimized Health, we offer this treatment to help those suffering from this deficiency take control of their body and maintain their health.

For many men and women, the onset of andropause or menopause is the first time they really feel “old.” While this phase of life can be upsetting, the good news is that it is actually pretty easy to correct. 

Since andropause and menopause are triggered by age-related hormone decline, we can simply reverse this decline with quality hormone therapy to relieve your symptoms and have you looking and feeling better.

Facts About Hormone Therapy

  1. Hormone receptors are found in virtually every part of your body. If your hormones are out of balance, your health will suffer.
  2. Balanced hormones help promote the health of your bones, teeth, brain, heart, eyes, skin, metabolism, and more.
  3. The most important hormones to target with hormone therapy are testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, DHEA, thyroid, and cortisol.
  4. When administered correctly, hormone therapy does not cause side effects.
  5. Hormone therapy works quickly and will continue to provide benefits as long as you continue the treatment.
  6. In recent years, age-related hormone decline is striking at younger ages and accelerating faster, perhaps due to the presence of pollutants and toxins in the environment that can disrupt the endocrine system and cause hormonal imbalance.

How Optimized Health Does Hormone Therapy

Optimized Health provides personalized hormone therapy in accordance with the latest proven science. Your comfort, your safety, and your satisfaction are incredibly important to us, which is why we have incorporated multiple safeguards into our treatment:
  • We use bioidentical hormones, not dangerous synthetic hormones.
  • We offer lifestyle advice and anti-aging products to help support the effectiveness of your hormone therapy.
  • When you’re low on a hormone, we don’t just boost it to the bottom of the “normal” range. Instead, we raise it until you reach the level where you feel your best.
  • We base all dosages on lab testing.
  • We use safe delivery methods that mimic your body’s own natural methods for producing and using hormones.
  • We cultivate an ongoing relationship with each client. We monitor key health markers and make it easy to schedule timely follow up appointments with your Optimized Health doctor.

Women who choose our unique bio-identical hormone replacement therapy see a dramatic improvement in the way their body functions.

Each of our customized treatment plans are developed to improve four major areas of your health and well-being:


Rebalancing the hormones in your body improves your overall energy, enabling you to create and maintain lean muscle.


Giving your body the right hormones will help increase your sex drive.


By stabilizing your overall mood, our treatments reduce depression and irritability, which improves general health and well-being.


When your body has the right balance of hormones, the heart stays healthier and blood vessels do their job better, giving oxygen and nutrients to the entire body.

Key benefits of hormone replacement therapy:

Women’s Hormone Replacement Therapy

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to lose control over how you look and feel. Our women’s hormone therapy helps to reverse the effects of aging by giving your body what it needs to restore natural balance.

What is hormone therapy?

For many women, hormone therapy is an effective solution for moderate to severe menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, brain fog, and much more. By creating a unique bio-identical hormone therapy program, these symptoms are much improved, and other imbalances that cause issues like adrenal fatigue, thyroid disorders, PMS, and peri-menopause are also reversed.

How is hormone therapy administered?

Our hormone therapy at Optimized Health involves replacing hormones when the body is no longer able to make them after menopause or during pre-menopause. These hormones are replaced via pellet insertion, typically in the hip or buttock area.

How bio-identical hormone pellets work

The pellets release small amounts of the needed hormone directly into the bloodstream in a similar way that your ovaries would have naturally released it. Bio-identical pellets contain nothing except the hormone, which means that there is no risk as the pellets are completely dissolved and absorbed by your body.

Pellet treatment details

When you arrive at your hormone replacement therapy appointment, we will prepare you for the pellet insertion. Generally, the pellet is implanted in the hip/buttock area. The area of skin will be sterilized, then numbed with an injection. Once the area is numb, the pellet will be inserted into the tissue using a small device that creates a track under the skin.

The average pellet comes in a 100-milligram dose. After the pellet has been inserted, the puncture will be covered with tape, gauze, and perhaps an ice pack to help with any swelling and bruising.