Tixel is the first and only Thermal-Mechanical Action Technology, for superior skin
resurfacing results on all skin types – No lasers. No needles. No radiation. No pain. No social

It works on all skin types and is appropriate for
treatment of delicate areas of the face.
Tixel rejuvenates skin by targeting the dermis to
remodel collagen.
Collagen is a protein that
provides the skin structure and is directly
associated with youthful appearance.
The most common treatments areas are the face, neck, and
Tixel can be used anywhere on the body.
Watch Tixel in action

How does it work if it’s
not a laser?

Tixel uses proprietary thermal mechanical
action to transform your skin with heat. Tiny
pyramid-shaped tips heat up to 750° F ( 400° C). The
heat is transferred quickly and lasts mere
fractions of a second, allowing treatments to be tolerated often without numbing. Your practitioner can adjust settings depending on the condition of skin and desired results.

Discover Why Sentient Tixel Stands Out

Uncover the superior choice for advanced skin resurfacing

  • Achieve rapid and impressive outcomes
  • Highly tolerable, often requiring minimal or no topical numbing
  • Minimal social downtime during the healing process
  • Non-invasive—no lasers, needles, or radiation
  • Swift treatments completed in as little as 15 minutes
  • Compatible with all skin types
  • Ideal for addressing skin prone to melasma
  • Effective for managing skin prone to acne

Learn more about Sentient Tixel with answers to these frequently asked questions.

Tixel is the first and only Thermal-Mechanical Action Technology, for superior skin
resurfacing results on all skin types – No lasers. No needles. No radiation. No pain. No social downtime.
Thermal-Mechanical Action Technology combines direct heat with precisely controlled contact time on skin.
A self-sterilizing titanium tip with 81 blunt micro-pyramids is heated to 400 degrees Celsius, which pulses to contact the skin briefly. Each pulse creates tiny micro-coagulation sites, which result in neocollagenesis- also known as new collagen growth.
It is not invasive and the stratum corneum remains intact.
Tixel is not a light-based treatment like IPL. Instead, it utilizes heat applied directly to the skin in a controlled manner to create a superficial fractional coagulation sites.
This system transfers less heat to the surrounding tissues than IPL, so it is safe to use in patients with dark skin and melasma.
While IPL is a better choice for treatment of superficial pigment, it does not offer the tightening and resurfacing that Tixel does.
Primarily, Tixel is non-invasive, whereas microneedling treatments with and without RF are invasive. Additionally, both providers and patients report more visible tightening and wrinkle reduction with Tixel when compared to microneedling and RF microneedling.

Unlike microneedling, there is no bleeding and patients report that Tixel is more
comfortable, and there is no “unpleasant buzzing.”

Compared to RF microneedling, patients also report that Tixel is less painful. Additionally, Tixel transfers notably less energy/heat to the surrounding tissue than RF microneedling, making Tixel safe to use with melasma patients.
Please note: microneedling and RF microneedling offer patients great benefits and some providers state that they have used it in combination with Tixel.
Tixel is not a laser. At higher settings, providers report similar results to their fractional ablative lasers.
With the Tixel, the stratum corneum (the outermost layer of the skin) remains intact, making it an easier recovery with significantly less downtime. Patients have no oozing or bleeding and report significantly less swelling.
Additionally, Tixel patients can apply sunscreen and makeup just 24 hours post-treatment, allowing patients to return to normal activities quickly and without visible wound healing.
Tixel is well-tolerated. Many patients can be treated without anesthetic. Use of chilled air and topical numbing may increase patient comfort.
Most patients report feeling heat at the treatment site.
They occasionally report a mild sharp sensation that they describe as like microneedling, but less intense.
Tixel is well-tolerated. Our team goes through rigorous trainings to ensure the safe use of these devices.
In the same manner as all fractional skin treatment devices, there is some risk of: temporary swelling longer than few hours, which does not recover without treatment, skin redness longer than two weeks, pain or burning sensation longer than a few hours/is not tolerable, the forming of large scabs or scabs lasting more than 15 days, significant/thick skin peeling or any peeling lasting more than 2 weeks, hyper pigmentation, hypo pigmentation, sensitivity to sun exposure, local burns, scars, herpes simplex, and local bacterial infection. In the case of any occurrence of any side-complications or adverse effects,
It is imperative to consult with your physician within a short period.
For skin rejuvenation, we recommend 3 treatments, scheduled once every 4 to 6 weeks, followed by one to two maintenance treatments within the year.
If you are treating a more difficult issue, like acne scarring, or you are using lower settings, it may take more treatments.
Because the outermost layer of the skin remains intact after Tixel treatment, downtime is minimal. Of course, lower settings result in less downtime than more aggressive settings.
Individual responses will vary based off settings used, patient genetic factors, compliance with post-care instructions, and overall skin health.
Typically, patients are advised that they may have up to 3 days of mild swelling (especially around the eyes) and roughness to their skin for 5 to 7 days.
Patients may wear makeup after 24 hours, and most return to normal activity (including social interaction and work) within hours post-treatment.
Cost is individualized per customer.
Make sure to set up a consultation to get accurate treatment costs for your custom treatments.

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